Evellance Slimming Cream


Evellance Slimming Cream adopts nano-molecular penetration technology for repairing and nourishing the skin. It is able to regulate the sarcoplasm*and improve the texture, tighten the skin and brighten the complexion, thus making your skin smooth and elastic.
Evellance Slimming Cream is rich in natural fat dissolving ingredients, directing at parts of the body that is hard to lose fat, e.g. Waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms.

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  1. Sambucus nigra,
  2. Jojoba oil,
  3. Grape seed powder,
  4. Vitamin, Algae,
  5. Qilnat squalane

How to use

1.After a hot shower, you have to relax your muscles, by giving 5 minutes’ massage on the area you going to apply the cream.
2.Spread the cream on the area and rub massage for about 10 minutes. It is optional to wrap it with a plastics wrap (Some customers may feel warm or itching at this stage. This is normal because the ingredients are working to dissolve the fat)
3.Remove the plastic wrap after 40-60 minutes.

How does the products work

1.It can be quickly absorbed into deep-seated adipose tissue, conducting fast and efficient decomposition, and burn stubborn stored body fat.
2.Together with massaging at the applied area, it also helps to promote blood circulation, getting rid of excess moisture and toxins in body.
3.It is effective in removing stretch marks. The result is obvious in women who have used it after their pregnancy.

By spending 15 minutes daily, you can instantly see the excessive body fat dissolving effects through the skin pores. The more fats you are breaking down inside your body, the leaner your body shape will be. Just apply it on the area where you want to get leaner. Testimonial from satisfied customer have commented that they are able to notice the slimming effect just after 1-2 applications.
So why wait? Get started to have a slimmer body without dieting, without medicine and without any taboos!!! Most importantly, this product is safe to use and is FDA approved in USA.


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