WOWO Skin Brightening Serum (50ml)


Whitening Essence made to refine skin texture and brighten sink tone

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It is a brightening serum for all skin types. It’s the combination of serum and lotion. Our skin brightening serum is a high quality moisturizer. Serum is a better nutrition than lotion. People who are always staying up late, stressed, are prone to dull skin, fine lines and saggy skin. Their absorption for skin care is relatively low, serum is most suitable for these group of people. Skin brightening serum is (Moisturizer) is the most important skincare. Highly concentrated beauty regime! It contains more active ingredients, strong penetration, deep repairs for different skin conditions and regenerating new skin cells. It efficiently prevents our skin from aging. Every woman’s MUST HAVE skincare product. Just like the famous SK II, their serum is also well known for high absorption, suitable for all ages, 20yo, 30yo or 40yo.

Tip for Skin Brightening Serum:
The pores of our skin are open when they are in higher room temperature. Absorption will be higher. Before soaking in a warm bath, cleanse your face thoroughly. Then apply appropriate amount of skin brightening serum. Use a plastic wrap to cover your face to improve blood circulation. Skin will become smoother, brighter and more tender!

Additional information




  1. Tea Polyphenols
    – Benefits body and health
    – Can be found in many heath products
    – Detox, Anti-radiation, Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory
    – Promotes body’s absorption of vitamin c
    – Inhibits melanin formation (pigmentation)
    – Reduce ultra-violet radiation, protect against UV rays
  2. Snail Essence Extract
    – High-end ingredient found in many cosmetics
    – Rich in natural collagen, elastin, proteins and large variety of vitamins
    – Natural anti-bacteria agent, promote skin metabolism, repair and restore skin supple level
    – Highly moisturising, anti wrinkles, anti-acne
    – Long term usage promotes smooth and translucent skin, prevent dullness
    – Effectively reduce scars and help in wound healing
    – Simulates cells regeneration, reduces fine lines
  3. Portulaca Oleracea
    – Known as a longevity Chinese herb
    – High moisturising effect
    – Anti-inflammation, anti allergic, suitable for sensitive skin
    – Can be found in high end skin products


Benefits of skin brightening serum:

  • Highly absorbent,
  • deeply penetration,
  • maintain skin’s elasticity.
  • Deep moisturizing.
  • Brighten skin,
  • whitening effect,
  • smooth and tender skin.
  • Anti-aging,
  • prevents fine lines and wrinkles,
  • firming effect.


How to use

Directions (Skin Brightening Serum):

  1. After applying toner,
  2. apply appropriate amount onto palm,
  3. Gently tapping and massaging til completely absorbed, massaging upwards.
  4. Best for day and night.


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